About Blue Print Labs.

"Our technology takes the best aspects of Open Source Technology and uses our clients business logic to arrive at proactive strategy. What does this meant to us here at Blue Print? It means our clients have a very simple relationship to manage. Our quotes are completely free and no matter the problem we can fit your in our pipeline. We will discuss your needs/budget and then address our different solutions. If one of our bluePrintTemplates do not fit your solution, we simply draw up a costum soltuion for you.

Request a Quote: (636) 577-5226

Job Opportunities:

Technology Development Paid Summer Internship: 3 month paid internship. During this intership you will go through a 2 week training program that will help you understand our business and what we do. You will then work with a development employee in either the sales or technology sector. You will spend the last month with the upgrades team where you will learn to update and launch code. Interviews start March and end in May. The internship starts June 1st.


Part Time Developer: Looking for a proactive programmer. Someone looking to grow in technology. Work on your own time, remote if needed. This is not fulltime pay, contract based work only please contact for pay rate.


Email resume to: